Kay Redmond

James Guarrera
Vice Chair

Deborah Zahornacky

Laura Lee Bunosso
Jill Chase
Daniel Connolly
Jay Correia
Jennifer DeLeon
Rev. Lucille Fritz
Joseph Laucella
Dina Marks
Caitlyn Pineau
Kathleen Riddle
John Skerritt
Patricia Stanchfield
Ofc. John Staples
Bobbi Tar
Ben Trabka
John Trovarelli
Lorraine Williams

Ex-Officio Members
Mayor Mark Lauretti

Superintendent of Schools Kenneth Saranich

Shelton Police Chief Shawn Sequeira

Meetings take place the 3rd Wednesday of every month (September-June) 7:45 a.m. in Room 341, Shelton High School.
Advisory Board
     The Shelton Youth Service Bureau was established in 1988 by the City of Shelton to coordinate, plan and develop services for the youth of Shelton and their families.  Located in Shelton High School, the Bureau works cooperatively with school personnel, police, community resources, youth and parents to provide educational programs and recreational activities that promote positive youth development and strengthen family ties.

Our staff members address youth issues and concerns through life skills education classes, conflict mediation training, awareness campaigns and promotion of peer advocacy throughout the year.
Shelton Youth Service Bureau
Shelton Youth Service BureauShelton Youth Service BureauShelton Youth Service Bureau
Shelton Youth Service Bureau
           Trained members of the Peer Advocate group have appeared in two videos aired nationwide that target youth and give a clear message against substance abuse.  As part of the Youth Service Bureau the Community Alert Program was designated as the Drug and Alcohol prevention program for the City of Shelton and continues to provide prevention education programs for students in Kindergarten – 12th grade. In the spring of 2004 the Youth Service Bureau was awarded a $100,000 grant funded by the State of Connecticut to establish a  program to address underage drinking.

The Shelton Coalition to Stop Underage Drinking was formed and at the end of the two and half  year grant period the coalition was renamed The Shelton Coalition to Stop Underage Drug and Alcohol Use.  The coalition continues to be active. 

     In a collaborative effort with the Shelton Police Department, the Youth Service Bureau is responsible for overseeing the Juvenile Review Board that offers youth – under the age of 16 an opportunity to be diverted from the juvenile justice system.    The Youth Service Bureau has also partnered with the Shelton Fire Department providing a Juvenile Firesetters Program for youth that have been involved in starting fires.

     The Shelton Youth Service Bureau is not part of the Board of Education.  The Youth Service Bureau is a City agency, funded by the City, State Department and various private funding sources.
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